A hospital chaplain visited a delightful old lady in the hospital. As he approached her bed, he noticed that with the index finger of one hand she was touching, one by one, the fingers of the other, with her eyes closed. When the chaplain spoke to her she opened her eyes and said, “Oh, chaplain, I was just saying my prayers – the prayers my grandmother taught me many years ago.” The chaplain looked puzzled, so she went on to explain, “I hold my hand like this, my thumb towards me. That reminds me to pray for those nearest to me. Then, there is my pointing finger, so I pray for those who point the way to others – teachers, leaders, parents. The next finger is the biggest so I pray for those in high places. After that comes the weakest finger – look it won’t stand up by itself – so I pray for the sick and the lonely and the afraid. And this little one – well, last of all I pray for myself.” What a great lesson! It is so easy to make our prayers about us – “Help me… deliver me… give me… show me… I need… I want…” when our prayers should be for and about others. “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18 “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” Philippians 2:3

I am talking to everyone that can actually pray. This month endeavour to stand in the gap for someone. Let not your prayers be always about you. You do not know whose life your prayer might help or touch their lives. Let this month be an interceding month. When the month ends hopefully, we would have created a culture of praying for others. It won’t take much of your time. Read on…

The men and women of God do alot in the various ministries they serve in. From holding morning glory prayer meetings, attending church meetings, visitation, lunch hour prayers, revival meetings etc. They serve us diligently and many atimes we forget them. I don’t know if it is selfishness or it is just plain ignorance. May be we assume they can pray for themselves just as they pray for us. We forget this lot alot. We keep withdrawing from them but how many can frankly own up to standing in the gap for the Men/Women of God? If you do, I am here to encourage you to not relent in your prayers and if you don’t, this is a wake up call to stand up and be counted among the intercessors.

I don’t know which category I fall in, but I am guilty as charged.I pray for the Men/Women of God in my family as family members and not as Ministers in Church. For example I would pray to God to protect my sister and her family but do not touch the Ministry she serves in. Are you getting the point?

Have you even taken your time to find out how your Pastor/Priest is? How often do you check on them? We keep calling on them to pray for us, Oh Pastor stand in the gap with me, I am trusting in God for a job. Pastor my child is sick pray for him/her. Pastor pray with me I need this promotion at my place of work. The next time you call on your Pastor/Priest, ask them what they would want from you. Pray for them too. You do not know what they undergo to serve in the various Ministries they serve in. Do not be a perpetual withdrawer, invest in prayers for them too. Pray for the Ministries they serve in so that they do not suffer invisible barriers/attacks from the enemy. Do not leave them exposed to the enemy, pray, pray, pray!

They serve us and when they go home they feel tired and weighed down. They are not super men you know. The only difference is that they serve God in full time Ministry. Many of them are battling battles you know nothing about. By praying for them constantly, your prayers can give them strength to continue serving.

Pray for their families too. Pray for their finances. Pray for their health. Pray for every area of their life just as you would pray for yourself. The devil is not happy when souls are won to Christ and it is no brainer then that this lot will be under alot of satanic attack, opposition, thus with your constant prayers a blanket of protection will be formed around them. Make it so thick that the enemy cannot penetrate. Imagine if 100,200, 500 or 1000 congregants were to pray for their Pastors/Priests everyday. What difference would it make? A huge one! Now do not hesitate to start today.

Kindly stop typing those “Amen” to those posts that tell you to scroll and type Amen but instead go an extra mile and actually pray for our Men/Women of God that nourish our souls with the word of God everyday. I know most of you will be wondering how to go about this. You ask yourself but what will I tell God on their behalf? How do I pray for them? It is simple. Here are 7 furious prayers for the month of May. ( 7 Furious Prayers for May ) These are prayer bullets that you fire for as long as you can. You can do each for 2 minutes or for as long as the spirit leads you. They are just seven. Imagine the impact of spending 15-30 minutes everyday to pray for our Church Ministers. I am excited already. Kindly join me and other prayer eagles to pray for them.

Be an overcomer. God bless you.

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