For Better For Worse(Part 2)

On thirteenth October, the cry of a baby was heard along the hospital corridors, Ben was pacing up and down for the umpteenth time. Another shrill cry was heard….finally the labour room door flung open as Dr. Oprong headed to where Ben was. The couple had made a decision to not find out the gender of the twins before hand. They wanted a surprise.

“Ben, congratulations! You have a bouncing baby boy and girl,” he said.

“We thank God” Ben replied beaming with joy.

He finally met his two adorable kids and lovely wife. Two days later Edith was discharged from the hospital. It marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Stones. The boy was named Andrew and the girl Kelly. Edith was an excellent mom,no doubt. She took time off from work to raise her miracle babies. Ben played his fatherly role well and they never lacked. Her kids were disciplined and won several awards in school.

Seventeen years later, Andy and Kelly sat for their final examinations and scored straight A’s. They joined    the same University to further their studies. Andy joined the School of Medicine whereas Kelly joined the School of Engineering. The day for their departure came, it was the first time they were being seperated from their parents. They had a lengthy talk and their parents advised them to uphold the families legacy and to always serve God wherever they went.


“Yes daddy” he replied.

“You are going to study medicine, you have made up your mind to serve humanity. Always go out of your way to assist in every situation whenever you can. I implore you to be smart. Do not waste yourselves to alcohol and sexual immorality. Always take care of your little sister. You have each other now” he said.

“I will make you proud daddy” said Andy smiling. 

Andy was a replica of his father Benuel Stone. He stood at 6″1 inches tall. Kelly was more of Edith and had a body to behold, she enjoyed working out. Ben doted on her just as Edith did to Andy.

“Kelly, assure me that you will not do something that you would not be proud of. I have provided you with everything, do not hesitate to ask me for anything if you are in need. Let no man take advantage of you.” he said.

“Daddy, your little Princese will never let you down” said Kelly.

They then prayed together and set for the journey ahead. It was three hours later when they arrived at the Universaties gate and drove in to start the admission process. It was a long day indeed. Finally they were through with the process and made way to their respective hostels. Their parents were in a position to rent them an apartment but they had decided to let them interract with other students from different walks of life to prepare them for the future. They did not want to raise kids who could not come to the level of others and bond with them. Andy finally located his room and settled in. They then located Kelly’s room which was a few metres from Andys hostel room. She equally settled in and it was time to see their parents off. It was hard for them but they convinced their parents they would manage. They promised to always keep in touch.

Andy and Kelly settled in well and bonded with their room mates and classmates. They always shared a meal as they took turns to prepare themselves the meals. Edith had raised them well. They would go home fortnightly to spend time with their parents who felt lonely since their departure. It was always a great family reunion. First year finally came to an end and the twins headed home for their long holidays. The year had been a successful one. Their parents looked forward to having them around. They were planning a surprise for their upcoming birthday. The Stone twins were turning eighteen in a few days time. Ben and Edith asked them to invite their cousins and  friends. They looked forward to the day. Everything was going as planned. Edith ensured nothing missed. She was a great events planner. 

There was alot of activities on that day, lots of food and non-alcoholic drinks were served. Everyone had fun. Andy and Kelly received a lot of gifts. A young handsome man was among the guests, he was sharply dressed . He did not introduce himself though he chatted with Ben when he arrived.  Their dad gifted each of them a car. They decided that they would only use their cars while at home and not take with them to Campus. They wanted to maintain a simple lifestyle. The twins were down to earth.

When all guests had left,  the family had a brief Bible Study and prayed together as a family. Everyone left for their respective rooms to go and sleep. Kelly had time to recollect the days events. Who was that young man? She drifted to sleep…

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