Woman Crush Wednesday

I met this woman thirty years ago(I know I am getting old), her name is Grace Debra. I was just a little baby then and did not know the impact she would have in my life. Debra is not the loud type and it is not easy to read her mind. She is a perfect example of an introvert. But hers is special. She keeps to herself and I guess it even scares her. With time I have learnt to encourage her to be open. This piece is not about me, it is about her.

Meet my second born sister Debra. Her calm nature is so appealing. She rarely gets angry unless pushed to the wall. Debra is a phlegmatic. A mother of two boys and a loving wife. It is a no brainer that siblings fight alot, ours was not any better. We fought alot, broke up and made up sometimes forcing our parents to intervene. At some point we got tired of fighting and became best of friends. Yes, she is my bestfriend. I am the talkative type while she is not, thus a perfect duo.

Getting to know who she really is has helped me to understand her and how to handle her. She is the best and always has my best interest at heart. We are in different towns now but we still manage to catch up. Getting her to confess she has missed me is like getting into the mind of Trump. In short she is unpredictable. She still plays mind games on me. She can call me and ask me if I am not missing her, in my mind I know confessing that she has missed me is not an easy task. So I openly tease her and tell her I know you have missed me but you will not admit it. Then she laughs loudly and asks me how I knew it. Debra I know you like the back of my hands.

This girl laughs heartily. One time in our early twenties she decided to record herself laughing. After that she would replay it and laugh all over again. She was laughing at herself laugh. Who does that?  The whole scenario was funny we laughed our all. You can actually know she is around when she laughs. She reminds me of my late dad. She has given some life lessons and that is why I celebrate her today. I hope you learn a thing or two.

She has taught me that you do not have to please anyone if it is not in your best interest. Always endeavour to smile and make yourself happy. Choose your struggles. Do not loose your smile for no reason. The greatest weapon is silence. Walk away from those things that hurt you and make you sad. Be happy always.

Debra, today I celebrate you. It is your birthday and I wish you many more returns. You have grown to be a loving and understanding woman. May God guide your steps and fulfill all your dreams. I love you and always will. Take care.

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